Discover the A to E of our Expertise


    Accurately evaluate capabilities.

    Hire the right people to drive business performance. Accurately evaluate leadership potential to build bench strength. Use data to direct learning and development opportunities.

    Tap on our repository of proven psychometric tools to assess capabilities of applicants, talents and leaders effectively and at scale. 

    Explore the opportunity to leverage gamified assessment tools to provide a stand-out experience.


    Overcome silo thinking, promote knowledge sharing and collaboration, drive a culture of innovation.

    Recognising the need to build collaboration across the organization, we work with the latest HR Tech to break down silos and build connections among your people.  


    Using a range of tools, we help our clients to create an open company culture where people collaborate effectively, socialise with each other and form strong connections.


    Support the development and growth of your people. 

    Helping your people to grow, professionally and personally, is key to attracting and retaining talent, and driving your business forward.


    We provide smart and engaging tools spanning the employee lifecycle: from onboarding to performance evaluation, from career planning to gamified applications to adopting new skills. 

    Our offering is complemented by coaching solutions, ranging from traditional business coaching, fostering emotional intelligence, equipping selves for the digital world to successfully managing millennials.


    Successfully leverage the potential of a digitally disrupted world​.

    The role of digital technology is rapidly shifting today's business landscape. Leveraging Up! Advisory's proprietary "RAFT" model, we help you to stay afloat in the digital turbulence and develop the right strategy to use technology to your advantage. 


    We will flank your digital efforts with effective change management and make sure that you and your people thrive on the technological opportunities at hand.

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    Understand people & culture and
    drive change effectively.


    It's not a secret, employee engagement is the key for a productive workplace environment.

    Whether it's creation of employee engagement or its measurement, there are a variety of tools at HR's disposal - from traditional engagement surveys and apps for active listening to modern collaboration tools and employee social media platforms.


    We share with you what tools are out there, find out what is best for your needs and support with project implementation and change management.

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