A selection of our clients and services: 

Ariston Thermo Group

How to unlock business opportunities faster and efficiently? The journey designed for Ariston Thermo Group Asia had its leaders engaged and immersed into agility and human centred design: a customised workshop combining both principle concepts. We worked through a real-life business issue: sprinting, ideating, testing, improving our prototypes and we had loads of fun!

Fantastic collaboration and delivery with Marieke van Raaij at Up!Advisory and Alina Rusu of Business Academia.

- November 2019


"Alin and Marieke led an effective workshop with content that kept all participants engaged throughout the half-day session. The topic of habit building is crucial for all who strive towards better productivity but may often be neglected. I am grateful that Up! Advisory was able to create this workshop on a much-needed topic! The workshop was effective in educating participants on the key concepts on habit building as well as providing practical steps that we can apply in our daily work in order to help us achieve our goals."  

Dorothy Yiu, Co-Founder and  COO, EngageRocket

- February 2020

The Methanol Institute

“Marieke of Up! Advisory, collaborated with our strategy partner, Jon Robinson, to co-deliver a half day strategy workshop. The objectives were to align the Institute’s strategic initiatives for the coming years, to facilitate our members in sharing insights, and to collaborate on threats and opportunities in the industry.  Marieke successfully energised the group through the deployment of gamification and technology and the facilitation of break out groups. All in all, it was a successful and enjoyable workshop, delivering exactly what we had hoped for.”


Chris Chatterton, Chief Operating Officer, The Methanol Institute

- November 2019

Sassy Mama
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“The team at up! advisory delivered an enlightening and enjoyable session, giving the whole team plenty to think about! From an individual perspective it was very helpful to step back and take a fresh look at our own personal habits and how they relate to our goals. From a team perspective, it was useful to hear each other share our goals and habits so we can be mindful of the various styles of working amongst the group.  Now we have some shared language to support each other and keep each other accountable!”


Marisa Karplus, Partnerships Manager, Sassy Media Group

- February 2020